32 warning signs that you urgently need magnesium and how to get it

One nutrient deficiency can affect your health. Health problems are skyrocketing. The American diet has undergone significant changes. Consequently, chronic nutrient deficiencies are on the rise. Poor health has become commonplace. The most common nutrient deficiency is magnesium deficiency. The body needs magnesium for a variety of reasons. Magnesium is difficult to get from food. … Read more

15 cancer symptoms that women tend to ignore

In 2016, an estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States, and 595,690 people will die from the disease. In 2016, the most common cancers were breast, lung and bronchial, prostate, colon, bladder, skin melanoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, thyroid, kidney and renal pelvis, and leukemia. predicted. Endometrial cancer, pancreatic cancer. Cancers … Read more

5 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer That Many Women Ignore

Breast pain, aka “mastalgia,” accounts for almost half of all breast-related complaints. However, before jumping to conclusions (breast cancer!), read the following. If you are suffering from pain, tenderness or increased sensitivity to touch or pressure in one or both breasts, we can understand that you are probably scared and imagining the worst. So let’s … Read more