Men Have A Morning �Secret� That Every Woman Should Know.

All men wake up with an erection in the morning. It’s a well-known fact, but it’s hard for women to understand.Morning activity in bed is definitely something men crave more than women. But if you think it’s because men want to have sexual interactions all the time, or dream about them every night, you’re wrong. This phenomenon has actually been investigated.Doctors have come to the conclusion that it is not a female partner and not a wet dream.

This is a medical condition called NPT (nocturnal penile erection), which is common to all men who hit puberty and lasts for the rest of their lives.It has to do with the fact that there is no An average healthy man has a morning erection 3-4 times a week. Research into why this happens has led to the theory that the pen* actually moves at night when the brain and body are asleep. And during an erection, the pen fills with blood and stays in place for an extended period of time, at least until he ejaculates, or until he goes to the bathroom in the morning.In this study, the doctors also concluded that “a man has about four to five erections throughout the night, each lasting about 25 minutes.”Here is an image showing the scientific biological process behind an erection. So while men are “ready” in the morning, women’s libido rises later in the day.

So intimacy doesn’t always have to be in the morning or in the evening…it has to be something that both of you want at the same time without trying to please the other, right? what are your thoughts It would be greatly appreciated if you could share it on Pinterest to spread the word.Share this post on your Pinterest board.

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