7 Sneaky Signs of Ovulation and Fertility, Beyond Feeling Poverty

Normally,when your hormones areoutof control,it’s no surprise thatyou’reinafertilestate.Butyour body issmarterthan you think,anditdoesn’talwaysshowobvious signs ofsexualdesirethatletyouknowyou’re ovulating.Youmaynotknowit,butit’sasuresigntolet othersknow that yourinfertilityis at its peak! These signsrangefrom the way you walk to the way you talk.

Now that your curiosity has been piqued,tellusall about7prettysneakysongsthatalludetothestateof pregnancyand ovulation-

1.BlushThepink glowthateveryoneistalking about?It’s there to show that it’s that time of the month! According to a study conducted by the University of Glasgow, women tend to blush more and have pinkercheeksduringtheirfertilewindow(1).Theprincipalinvestigatorof the study,Dr.BenedictJones,explainsthatelevatedlevelsof the hormone estradiolareresponsible forblushing(2).tocauseablush.

2. Your voice gets sultry

Talking to a man while you’re ovulating canliterallygiveyougoosebumps.This is according to a report published in the journal Physiology and Behavior (3).The study states that the female voice under goes specific modulations at different stages of thecycle,resulting in a sultry timbre during ovulation..Aspart of this study, a man was asked to listen to a woman’s voice when she was ovulating,anditwasfoundthat electrical activity intheman’s skinincreasedby20%overherin this scenario.It became clear.Just like the rosyhue of cheeks, hormones arealsoresponsible forchanges invoice.

3. YouwearalotofredMonthlyovulatingwomenseemtopreferred,thecoloroflove. Pinkisalsoonthe list of colors womenwantto wear atthemoment.Researcherssaywomen tend to choose bright shades of red and pink to attract the attention oft he opposite sex during ovulation. Also at their sexiest feeling! Short dresses and skirts,or tops with low neckl inesare also common at this time.

4.Shake hands firmlyA

firm hand shake is more than a sign of your confidence level.Astudy conducted by Colorado-based Adams State University found that women who hold hands more firmly when shaking hands are not only most fertile,buttend to have more children (4). A strong and bold personality can beseenas an indicator of good health and always suggests a high level of fertility.While women place great importance on strength when choosing a mate,this study have also proven to pay special attention to strength when choosinga partner.

5.FACES ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL Hormones in women continue to influence facialshape and features throughout the fertile period,says a British study(5). Thestudy’s principal investigator, Dr. Miriam Law-Smith,said a woman always expressesher fertility status with he rface. She explains that women at peak levels of fertility tend to have full erlips,brighter eyes,fuller cheeks, and smoother skin.

6.Dance in a sexier way Women at peak fertility end to dance in a sexier way, look more beautiful and feelless stressed (6). Studies have shown that there isa correlation between female attractiveness and ovulatoryphase. A woman’s changing hormones affect how she moves and behaves. Don’t you thinkit’s a bonus? I think we’reall rocking our tabs a little more.

7. You look healthier

Opportunities ahead may motivate you to lose weight,but so does ovulation!Women are more determined to lose weight during ovulation,according to new research(7).Researchers believe this maybe because the woman wants to attract a good matetoher. However, women taking or alcontraceptives and women who werenot ovulating did not show the same enthusiasmf or working out.

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