4 Types of women and why men choose women

The idea of ​​building “forever love” seems not simple. But what is the difficulty? Why do we burn so many bridges and hurt ourselves and our partners? When women make mistakes, let’s understand and understand!

1. What attracts a man is the state of a lover The Mistress is a Molotov cocktail.

A sexy, passionate, and cheeky shrine maiden of love. She captivates men with her bright thirst for life and love. She knows how to attract men! What should I do? “Boosts” feminine energy. Learn to flirt and flirt as much as possible. Flirting means nothing, but it reveals your sexual energy.If you’re still embarrassed to flirt, now is the time!

2. Arousal of Interest — Queen Status Air is the queen. The cold and distant queen chooses the most suitable man. She is successful, she knows what she wants and how she will reach her goals. In this image, a woman becomes ideal for a man. What should I do? Within three days she goes on one date. Minimize communication by phone and social networks. + If you ask me out on a date, do not think that you are the winner.

3. Encouraging Proposals — The Girl State girl is water Here she is full of joy and gratitude, the state of a woman in which she is most likely to fall in love. What should I do? Appreciate him for attention and signs of love. Show weakness and let him be a man and take care of you.

4. Protect Love and Family — Hostess State This woman is land. She is smart and experienced. A man is always with her because she personifies his family for him, his house and fortress.

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