While cycling relaxes, the North Lampung police chief distributes basic food to the community –

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HARIANSIBER.COM|North Lampung – On the fourth day, Saturday 10/9/2022, social support activities were held, North Lampung Police Chief AKBP Kurniawan Ismail Sh. CIC. MIK again carried it out together with the participation of GMBI Ormas Group, KBPPP and Healthy Bicycle Community of North Lampung Regency.

In this activity, the Chief of Police, AKBP Kurniawan, chose a different way, where he and his team started with cycling activities (healthy bicycles) and continued by providing social assistance in the form of basic needs to disadvantaged communities or residents who were direct. Influenced by rising fuel prices.

Residents visited were Tanjung Harapan Urban Village, located in villages/villages belonging to Kotabumi, motorcycle taxi drivers at Kebon Mpat intersection and angkot drivers at Payanmas Monument Prapatan in Bumi City.

Addressing the media crew, Chief of Police, AKBP Kurniawan, said that today we are conducting healthy cycle programs as well as educating the public to be able to save fuel.

By using bicycles we can help the government to reduce the burden of subsidies and besides, people will be healthier by cycling.

We also distribute social assistance in the form of basic necessities to communities, especially those directly affected by the adjustment to fuel price hikes.

Today is a follow-up activity of the last few days in which we distributed basic necessities to the residents, hope it can lighten their burden,” he said.

“But again, the Chief of Police, AKBP Kurniawan, hopes that this is related to fuel savings, so that people can be more efficient in using vehicles or those who own vehicles.

There is no need to live extra because the energy situation, especially the subsidy, is a burden on the government’s state budget.

To anticipate this, we need to change the way we live, those who own motorized vehicles need to be more fuel efficient. ” said AKBP Kurniawan

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