The ASEAN Women’s Basketball League will be held in November

Southeast Asia lacks women’s basketball competition.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — FIBA ​​has approved the Indonesian Basketball Association’s (Perbasi) proposal to have a women’s basketball league for Southeast Asia as an effort to develop female basketball athletes. The confirmation was given by the Secretary General of Parabasi, Nirmala Dewi, after attending a series of meetings with FIBA ​​Asia in Bangkok on Friday (2/9/2022). Nirmala explained that the proposal was inspired by the lack of women’s basketball competition not only in Indonesia, but also in Southeast Asian countries.

“So we want to create a league together, the women’s basketball league for Southeast Asia. This proposal is strongly supported by FIBA ​​because the women’s league in general is still very less competitive,” Nirmala said at a virtual press conference that was attended. In Jakarta, Friday.

Southeast Asian Basketball Association (SEABA) secretary general Agus Mauro added that the women’s league was still lacking as it lost status to men’s basketball. Therefore, FIBA ​​Asia and national federations of Southeast Asian countries strongly support the introduction of women’s basketball club competition in ASEAN.

Christopher Tanuwidjaja, the initiator of the women’s basketball competition among clubs in Southeast Asia, explained that in the first season this year, only basketball clubs from four countries will participate. They are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The league is scheduled to begin in November.

The competition format will use a series format, with the first series to be held in Indonesia and the second series to be held in Malaysia. “Hopefully the final series or what is commonly called the playoffs can be held in Singapore and all this we will schedule to start in November 2022,” said Christopher.

As for the players to be followed in the Southeast Asian Women’s League, Christopher said he will first make a selection to get the best players who can strengthen the Indonesian team in the competition.

“We will be selecting the players participating in the SEA Games in Vietnam, and from different age groups,” said Christopher.

“This women’s competition is for senior players and the priority is for our own domestic, i.e. our national team coaching program among seniors in Indonesia. So our agenda is to bring our best athletes to compete there,” he said.

Source: Antara

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