National Basketball – Young Knights won the 3×3 tournament IBL Series I Bali

image_print – Satria Muda Pertamina Jakarta won the 3×3 IBL Series I Bali tournament after a 21-11 win from Bima Perkasa Jogja in the final match at Discovery Mall Kuta, Badung, Bali on Sunday (4/9/2022).

Thus, Satria Muda became the first team to score 100 points in the 3×3 IBL Series I Bali tournament.

Later, Satria Muda and other teams still need to add points from other series in the 3×3 IBL tournament which will be held in Yogyakarta on September 10-11, Surabaya on September 17-18, Bogor on September 24-25 and finally. 1-18 September Tangerang. October 2, 2022.

Meanwhile, Bima Perkasa, who were runners-up in the IBL Series I Bali 3×3 tournament, scored 80 points, followed by Bali United Basketball and Pacific Caesars Surabaya, who shared third place, with 70 points in the first series. IBL 3×3 Tournament.

The Satria Muda team, powered by Kevin Yonas, Rizal Falconi, Avan Ceputra and Sandy Ibrahim, automatically won the championship after scoring their 21st point with 12 seconds left in the match.

Sandy Ibrahim’s 2-point shot from the right side of the field stopped Bima Perkasa Jogja, who managed just 11 points during the match.

Sandy Ibrahim and other Satria Muda players who participated in the 3×3 IBL Series I Bali tournament were able to play consistently, even though they had time to rest and prepare for about 20 minutes after competing in the semi-final match against Bali United.

Obviously, Satria Muda managed to score first and released Bima Perkasa Jogja who had difficulty catching up from the first minute of the match.

Bima Parkasa Jogja, who were bolstered by Ikram Fadil, Indra Muhammad, Avin Kurniawan and Restu Bi, narrowly shortened the gap to 3 points with 3 minutes remaining. However, their efforts were in vain.

Satria Muda’s win in Series I Bali was in line with the team’s title hopes for this year’s IBL 3×3 tournament.

Guard Satria Muda Pertamina Jakarta Antoni Erga during a press conference in Jakarta, Friday (2/9), said the team was still hungry for the title.

“The guys who are included in this list are still hungry to win, they want to defend the title of yesterday’s edition,” said Erga.

Erga is one of six players included in the Satria Muda roster for the 2022 IBL 3×3 tournament, but he did not participate in the Bali Series I matches. Presumably, he just dropped out in Series II Yogyakarta.

The IBL 3×3 2022 tournament is an elite IBL category dedicated to the 15 IBL participating teams. The winner of the Elite IBL category will be sent to participate in the 3×3 World Tour competition in Hong Kong in November 2022. (no)

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