History of futsal and differences with football

Here is the difference between football with the history of the birth of futsal.

Indonesian national futsal team defeated Thai representative Thammasat Stallions to win the 2022 MNC International Futsal Cup. (twitter)

bolatimes.com – Futsal is a sport that many Indonesian people like, especially after football, and it is among the most popular sports.

Futsal originated in Uruguay, first popularized by Juan Carlos Seriani in the city of Montevideo in the 1930s.

Juan Carlos Ceriani is not a native Uruguayan, he is a soccer coach from Argentina.

His promotion led to the introduction of futsal, the game gaining attention in the South American region, particularly in Brazil.

Eventually, Brazil became the center of the game as many famous futsal players were born one after the other.

Manuel Tobias is one of them, the best player in Brazil who interested his country in football until he was pulled into an official part in 1989.

The first futsal tournament was held in 1965, but it was not Brazil, Uruguay or Argentina that emerged as champions, it was Paraguay.

This was followed in 1974 by a meeting of futsal representatives from various countries to form Fifusa, which became the official futsal organization.

The first Fifusa Championship is held every three years starting in 1989 and every 4 years for the Futsal World Cup.

By far, Brazil has become the country that has collected the most titles, so what is the difference in football? Below are the differences between futsal and soccer.

the arena

Futsal fields can be small, indoor or outdoor, depending on the contract.

game time

Soccer lasts 90 minutes in two halves and each half is played for 45 minutes, with a 15-minute rest between half-times.

Futsal, meanwhile, takes only 20 minutes for one round and is held in two rounds, so the overall minutes of play are only 40 minutes.

off side

Unlike football, futsal does not recognize offside so players waiting in front of the opponent’s goal will not be considered an infringement.


Futsal has no substitution limit, as it only plays five players in a team, unlike soccer where a team must have 11 players.

Football has its own rules for applying substitutions, depending on the event and competition being held, although generally there are only 3 substitutions.

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